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Yoga & Sound
private session
Partnership with Antoinette cottages

Welcome to "Le Coccon" - Your personal haven of well-being.


Treat yourself to an inner getaway with our private yoga and sound therapy sessions, tailored to meet your unique needs. 


Private Yoga Sessions and Sound Healing :

Explore the benefits of yoga in an exclusive space. Our one-hour sessions are carefully tailored to your level, combining poses, breathwork, and meditation to strengthen the body and soothe the mind. Yoga class finish with Sound Healing, immerse yourself in a sonic experience. The soothing vibrations of sound resonate through every fiber of your being, releasing tensions and promoting a deep sense of relaxation.



Maison Le Coccon

18 rue du châtaignier fourchu à Chigny-les-roses, right next to the Antoinette cottages.


Booking :

Sessions upon request in advance. You can contact me by mail to book your session :


Price :

- One person: €60

- 2 person : €80

Payment: Cash payments accepted.


Rediscover your balance and well-being with our personalized sessions. 

To know more about Maison Le Coccon...

Welcome to "Le Coccon," a haven created by three women, uniting a diverse team of well-being professionals specializing in femininity, perinatal care, and more.

Our mission is to cultivate an inclusive space that seamlessly caters to the well-being of all individuals. In this sanctuary, we embrace the essence of femininity and the transformative journey of perinatal care.

Our collective of dedicated practitioners brings forth a wealth of expertise, creating a supportive environment for everyone seeking a holistic approach to well-being.

At "Le Coccon," we believe in the power of collaboration, where the strength of community and the wisdom of various well-being modalities converge.

Whether you're on a personal journey or seeking support during the perinatal period, our space is designed to inspire, empower, and nurture.

Step into "Le Coccon," where well-being knows no bounds, and the beauty of your journey is honored with compassion, expertise, and a shared commitment to your flourishing

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